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Episode 003: 20% Growth Using Fractional CFOs

Episode 003: 20% Growth Using Fractional CFOs

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In this episode, we meet Jim Downes, an expert fractional CFO.

Kirk and Jim explore the advantages companies get using fractional CFOs.

 KEY TAKEAWAYS from 20% growth using fractional CFO’s episode:

  • 01:37 At what point do you need a fractional CFO? 
  • 03:35 There are two types of CFOs.  
  • 05:48 What a good CFO looks at. 
  • 07:02 20% growth when using a good fractional CFO.
  • 10:22 The importance of having a clear written plan. 
  • 11:15 The unique advantage of a part-time outsider. 

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