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Episode 002: Your Unseen Liabilities in Your 401k Plan

Episode 002: Your Unseen Liabilities in Your 401k Plan

In this episode, we meet Maribel Larios, an expert in 401k plans and 457s who consistently shows business owners how to reduce their personal liability and costs in their retirement plans.

Kirk and Maribel explore how to help companies and governments get more money out of their retirement plans. 

 KEY TAKEAWAYS from Your Unseen Liabilities in Your 401k Plan episode:

  • 00:46 When is it wise to combine your benefit plans?
  • 04:26 Reducing multiple-providers without sacrificing.
  • 08:26 Protect yourself by knowing your vendor’s conflicts of interest.
  • 11:41 What hides in expense ratios?
  • 18:09 For best pricing DO NOT ask your provider for better pricing.
  • 20:53 You seldom get what you pay for.
  • 21:50 Fiduciaries reduce your personal risk at no additional cost.
  • 25:08 What it means if you’ve been paying a “broker deal”.
  • 26:35 The TWO question CEOs must get answered…
  • 30:16 Get someone else to be the bad guy.
  • 33:37 CEO’s personal liability…
  • 36:22 Don’t rely on record keepers for advice.

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