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Episode 001: eChecks Cut Waste 80%

Episode 001: eChecks Cut Waste 80%

Truly great ideas are ones you couldn’t have imagined before, and can’t imagine going without now.  PJ Gupta has that kind of idea for you.

In this episode, we meet PJ, an expert in electronic payments.


  • 00:27 eCheck payments increase productivity, reduce risk, and save significant money
  • 03:31 All it takes to send money is a name and an email address. No codes, logins passwords, routing numbers, or account numbers
  • 04:17 Simplicity goes up and check fraud goes down
  • 05:59 Self onboarding Easy enough for SMB; sophisticated enough for enterprise
  • 08:40 Lower processing costs, fewer chargebacks, less time lost in support calls
  • 09:17 Typical cost of handling exceptions per 100 paper check exceptions is $100 to $300
  • 10:36 Source IP address, timestamp, and the browser  = proof of received payment
  • 12:48 Cost of sending a paper check = $5 to $10 (Goldman Sachs study)
  • 13:10 Why should companies using card payments for airline miles pay by eCheck?
  • 21:46 International payments and payroll payments made easy
  • 25:38 Solving two problems: Immediate availability of funds, paying the underbanked
  • 29:42 Instant pay is instant and worldwide (enter 16 + 4 digits).  ACH set up and receipt takes multiple days.
  • 32:40 How payment fraud is reduced and mitigated

PJ Gupta is the founder at Checkbook.  Please visit

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