Monday Morning Quarterbacks

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A business CEOwner asked, “What will I say if my PE investors ask, ‘Why didn’t you get all this money yourself?’”

This CEO is concerned about how to keep his “Monday Morning quaterbacks” from putting a negative spin on a positive accomplishment.  

What looks like an improvement to the wise and informed could be perceived by Monday morning quarterbacks as an indictment against the company’s leadership.

“DCI got these results only because our own employees must have lacked intelligence or integrity,” they suppose.

Could this foolish and pernicious assumption, which breeds an unhealthy culture and threatens to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, be avoided with simple analogies?

The CEO could well say that a parent wouldn’t berate a child’s previous performance after the kid uses a tutor to get better grades.  

The CEO could also say that golfers don’t berate themselves over their previous handicap after a swing coach shaves off strokes, so why should we second guess yesterday’s effort just because experts helped us gain today’s success?

It’s the tendency of humans, especially Monday morning quarterbacks, to point at others and castigate but it’s the tendency of great leaders and real quarterbacks to point skyward (a la Broadway Joe here in Super Bowl III), and celebrate.

Just thought I’d point that out.  -Kirk

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