Increase the Value of Your Time

You know all those people asking you, the business owner, to give them some of your time?

They usually promise to save you “some money”, don’t they?

They might even say that they “respect your time,” too, but in light of what you really want, is saving some money and having your time respected good enough?

The fact is, you don’t want to settle for saving “some” money. You want a compelling sum of money. You want a substantial, sustainable jump in your cash flow, profit, and wealth.

Although it’s nice when people “respect” your time what you need most is for them to multiply its value so that each hour you invest gives you back tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands you wouldn’t otherwise receive.

If this is how you think, consider what makes DCI’s offer uniquely better than all the others when it comes to multiplying the value of your time to expand your fortunes:

Without any risk, stress, or upfront cost to you, DCI offers to increase the equity value of a business up to 10% so that a company worth $20 million today can be worth $22 million tomorrow and a $50 million today can be worth $55 million tomorrow.

This is not “some” money. This is a “compelling sum” of money.

Because we increase fortunes by millions in exchange for 10 hours of your focused attention, this multiplies the value of your time to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour.


$3 Million jump in equity/10 hours of owner’s attention = $300,000/hour

By leveraging DCI’s IP and proven process, you execute at your highest and best, gaining actionable intelligence and acting on the smartest solution paths for increasing cash flow, earnings, and market value faster and better than all others in your peer group.

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