Do You Get Tax Incentives for Your Employee Wellness Plan?

You can get attractive tax incentives that will pay for the cost of your wellness plan and have money left over for you, the employer.

Better Wellness, Health, and Talent come at a Lower Price.

There’s a real business case for making wellness a business priority.  Companies seeking top talent have always understood the benefits equation in recruiting top talent, but having a broad wellness program in place, along with benefits and programs that support employees and their families, not only helps employees but creates a healthy bottom line.


The Benefit Equation

CFOs should know a proven strategy which will increase benefits for employees and provide enough tax incentives to save the company approximately $1,000 per employee per year.


Hallmarks of a Quality Wellness Plan

Wellness Pays Dividends

Wellness is not the same as healthcare, so in addition to tax incentives for companies that use participatory based wellness plans there are tax incentives that can apply to most healthcare costs.

Zero net cost to employer

Zero net cost to employee

Tax incentives pay 100% of the cost for telemedicine

Tax incentives pay 100% of the cost of wellness coaching

Provides supplementary benefits free of cost

Proven results include healthier employees and higher retention.


Some important questions all companies should ask are:

  • “Do we have a wellness program that really transforms people’s health and morale?”
  • “Do we use telemedicine so employees have affordable 24/7 telephone access to doctors?”
  • “What objective benchmarks do we use for evaluating our wellness program?”
  • Could we enjoy saving $1,000 per employee?


Healthcare Premiums Can Go Down!

Companies also have had to make some difficult decisions regarding health care, with many if not most seeing costs going up significantly.  Some strategies that may seem obvious are to choose less expensive plans which in turn provide higher deductibles and co-pays and lower coverage.  But this also does not need to be the case.  There are ways to keep good plans with the same doctors while reducing costs by 30% or more.

It is not surprising that anyone reading that they can lower health care costs in the current environment, or can save an additional $1,000/ee/yr while increasing benefits may be skeptical. DCI Solutions has proven strategies and “success-only” engagements.  Your company will gain significant savings with a minimum amount of executive time needed to achieve this.


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