Cost Savings

Lower your costs and improve your profits without laying off staff, changing vendors, cutting corners, or spending CapEx

Increase your cash flow and market value up to 10% with a very manageable investment of time.

Every organization negotiates with the intent of getting the best rates for products and services. The issue is that although your company may have extremely capable people, there are specific tools and training that DCI uses that are not widely known or are easily accessible. These include: extensive databases of best-in-class pricing, tariff analysis, audit software, knowledge of unpublished discounts, extensive pricing databases and the extensive knowledge of all the nuances and negotiating protocols necessary to attain best pricing. DCI cost reduction specialists come from deep within these industries and keep their finger on the pulse of changes in each suppliers’ markets and behaviors. This allows us to benchmark costs and spending, factor in new innovations, and manage client relationships. We exclusively use masterful people who have developed expertise in one specific cost or tax credit discipline, because that is the most predictable way to achieve optimal results throughout the Cost Efficiency Dashboard. The kind of results that you can proudly REPORT to board members and shareholders.


Each DCI specialist has deep knowledge of vendor pricing. By teaming specialists this way, we always find savings, often up to 100 basis points of annual revenue and enough to increase your profit and market value up to 10%.

Some Areas of Specialty:

We used DCI's help to cut the health care premiums for our senior management by 29%
D.B. Tax partner at CA. CPA firm
DCI showed us how to cut our Blue Cross premiums and improve benefits at the same time.
J.B. Owner of L.A. logistics company
My rates dropped 44% from $1,340/mo to $750/mo on my own health insurance so now I can recommend DCI to my clients!
D.H. Wealth Manager
With DCI's strategy, our partners get better rates than the partners at competing firms.
C.W. Managing Partner in San Diego
40% - that’s how much we reduced our freight costs by using DCISolutions. We recommend that you use DCI if you want to see where hidden savings exist in your company.  They...
Sharmila Patel – CRETESEAL
Our companies recommend the services of DCI Solutions to Presidents and CFOs of companies desiring to optimize their operating expenses, especially in the realm of insurance. ...
George Palermo - President of Flagship Cruises and Events
The experts at DCI were able to help us see opportunities for very significant savings in tax, LTL freight, ocean freight, import duties, and other cost categories. We also ap...
Tracy Pang - Test Rite Products Corp.