Copy That!

Multiple savings opportunities on copier leases, contracts and user behavior add up!

Every time you see a copier, picture $3,000 inside the copier flap.  If your company leases 20 copiers, a device lease review should identify about $60,000 in recovered costs.

Here’s why:

 The copier lease is little more than an unyielding mechanism that dealers use to extract incredible amounts of revenue, regardless of the copier’s performance. Even in a “competitive bid” the dealers hold the upper hand and know more about the hidden cost drivers than you do.



Leveling the Playing Field

How do you level the playing field?  Having an expert on your side who knows about these hidden cost drivers and who can negotiate on your path means you get significant savings that have been hidden for years.  A true expert knows all the tricks and techniques needed in a device lease review to return power, and that $3,000, back to you, the copier user.

Prepare Now for Savings

Until you can authorize an independent expert analysis to begin, here’s are some things you should do right now:

  1. Inventory all devices, leases and service agreements immediately regardless of the months remaining on the agreements.
  2. Never wait until your lease is 90 days or fewer from expiration – by then you’ve surrendered too much leverage to the dealers.
  3. Within the stipulated windows, issue letters of intent stating that you intend to end all leases at expiration.
  4. Inform dealers that contract escalations will diminish the likelihood of your continuing as a customer in the future.
  5. If your staff has been “bundling” the lease with “pre-paid” service, have them cease immediately because this makes you pay almost twice the necessary amount of sales tax.

Don’t Get Stuck with A Bad Service Contract

Ready for a little education? Let’s start with “service contracts.”  Service contracts are to a dealer what investor funds were to Bernie Madoff. They are the most lucrative aspect and least understood aspect of a lease which is why smart executives and companies lose money without ever catching on.  Thankfully, they are also the most negotiable, regardless of the maturity of the lease.

Modify User Behavior to Lower Costs

The next thing is to know that costly user behavior which drives much of your expense can be remedied using subtle “nudges” which are a part of an automated print control system. This is the most underused but effective technique to lower document costs regardless of your contract constraints.

Employ Best Practices to Drive Additional Savings

Here are some of the additional best practices employed by companies whose print costs are half the industry norm:

  • Controls diminish emails in color (70-90% waste for printing small blue hyperlinks)
  • PDF or other image (non paper) workflows
  • Automatically send print jobs to most cost effective device.
  • Use automation in charge back accounting to increase awareness, accountability and immediate reduction of costs

Back to You

That $3,000 inside your copier has been going to someone else besides you. Isn’t it time that changed?  DCI offers under-the-copier-flap expertise for business owner that are interested in knowing where the hidden costs are and would like to see these savings return to their bottom line.  Contact DCI at or (888) 395-0809 for a no cost, no risk assessment

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